Here at CMIG our aim is to give the highest level of gymnastics teaching with the focus on learning and enjoyment. Our expert coaches will take your child through all of the basics of gymnastics, building a strong foundation for their future gymnastics work.

We start as soon as your child is ready to. Once they are able to walk you are welcome to join our Gym Tots classes on Saturday, or alternatively come to one of our Play Gym drop-in sessions throughout the week. These classes are aimed towards under 4 year olds.

Children who are 4 and over may start their gymnastics experience in our foundation classes. We encourage parents to accompany their children to observe the excitement of the class. They receive a well balanced programme of gymnastics activity producing a solid foundation for the future.

When the child reaches an ability level beyond the foundation experience they will be invited to attend our more advanced classes stretching their skills and accomplishment. All our advanced classes take place in the main training gym.

Encouraging the children throughout the coaches assess them and they are able to achieve badges and certificates which eventually lead to badge 1 with “GOLD MEDAL”. At this point the gymnast is ready to join our high flyers club.

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